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Who we are

     Vikont company is revolutionizing the process of wholesale procurement: it is a global 3PL-operator for most needed branded products for professional cleaning       Our business idea is: complex meeting of demands of our customers based on solution of customers' tasks; teaching of specialized technologies and after-sale service support.      We are actively working in regions. 

     Our partners successfully operate in all federal districts of Russia. Well-adjusted logistic mechanisms and availability of our own warehouse in Moscow allow us to swiftly make complex supplies to any Russian region according to conditions which suit or customers most. we have partners throughout Russia.      We specialize and active work with transnational corporations, such as Gazprom, Surgutneftegaz, Lukoil, Transneft, Rosneft, nuclear power plant companies, etc.

     Today Vikont company employs more than 350 people. We have our own warehouses with the total area of 10,000 square meters, as well as our own truck fleet. Our main representative offices in Russia are located in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, branches are in Krasnodar, Sochi, Surgut.

     We are permanent suppliers of the City Order of Saint-Petersburg and repeated winners of specialized interregional tenders.

     We offer our partners:

  • complex meeting of business demands of profit, industrial and social facilities of any type.
  • timely shipment from warehouses and delivery at customer's convenience to any location in Russia.
      • professional teaching of advanced technologies of modern cleaning to employees of companies of our partners. Our seminars are not just presentations of products; at out seminars we teach modern cleaning technologies. From getting customers acquainted with general information on chemical effects of products on pollutions and surfaces to presentation of the offered technology, we are trying to make our customers see the professional approach of servicing. Our slogan reads: "We don't sell goods, we handle customer's problems".
  • making up process recommendations, as well as calculation of required chemicals, implements and consumables at every facility.
  • after-sale service and consulting support, visits to, and practical tests at, facilities across Russia.
  • flexible pricing policy ensuring the competitive ability of our partners at any level.

     Vikont is a multi-brand company. We have direct contacts with the manufacturers of:

  • professional cleaning products – KiiltoClean, Pro-Brite, Kiehl, Dolfin, Dr.Schnell, Chemitech, Unilever.
  • professional cleaning implements - Vileda Professional, HQ equipment
  • professional cleaning equipment - Karcher, Cleanfix
  • professional hygienic systems - Kimberly-Clark Professional, SCA Hygiene Products (Tork), Syas pulp and paper mill, Veiro Professional, Hayat Russia


 It is our orientation to solving customers' tasks, to not just sales but to service, to introduction of complex technologies which allows us to confidently stay among the leaders in the Russian market and to compete not only with local distributors of various well-known brands but also with manufacturers of cleaning chemicals actively working in Russia.


 We didn’t just improve wholesale. We reinvented it altogether.

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